15 Apr 12 at 12 am

"I feel so close to you right now it’s a force field. I wear my heart upon my sleeve like a big deal. Your love pours down on me, surrounds me like a waterfall. And there’s no stopping us right now, I feel so close to you right now <3"

"I feel so close to you right now it&#8217;s a force field. I wear my heart upon my sleeve like a big deal. Your love pours down on me, surrounds me like a waterfall. And there&#8217;s no stopping us right now, I feel so close to you right now &lt;3"
21 Feb 12 at 8 pm

One of the photos I am using in my Photo Theory Semester project. Still need to photograph an image i will be pairing with it as a diptych

One of the photos I am using in my Photo Theory Semester project. Still need to photograph an image i will be pairing with it as a diptych

Ive forgotten a lot but this is a good place to start. You were another big year for me and in the grand scheme of things have continuously taught me to live life to the fullest, never fear and never forget. I guess those are three things I learn year after year, yet every time it is relearned and the result of new experiences. But that is life and how it should be.

"Realize your potential" This year almost 100 women were brought into my life as we founded the Alpha Xi Delta Iota Pi chapter back in January and had our first successful recruitment. I have never been more proud of a group of women in my life. We came together and overcame every single obstacle thrown at us as we tried to establish ourselves on campus. But in the end, after learning a lot about ourselves, one another, and what we are truly capable of, we created a strong foundation and future for our chapter that I only foresee strengthening even more as we begin our second year. Changes are ahead for us, but that should not deter any one of us. Individually we have so much to offer and united as a sisterhood, unstoppable. Love you all • TFJ •

My career path had its ups and downs this past year. As new opportunities were handed to me in photography, I learned many tricks of the trade as I had to handle real world situations and how not every person is there to help you. Despite my dilemmas, my photographs were published twice: Finalist in Photographers Forum Best of College Photography and C.C.U Archarios. I worked as a wedding and events photographer during the summer and quickly learned by no means is that what I want to do. I challenged myself in the photojournalism field as I flew to NY to photograph Occupy Wall Street as well as Hurricane Irene. I began studies in studio lighting and with that helped create Lusca Studios, a student run Photography and Graphic Design company with 5 other students. I also had my first paid free lance jobs, which were the most gratifying paychecks I’ve received to date. I just had the opportunity to photograph my experiences in Israel and in May 2012, a month in China awaits for a social landscape photography course. I am still seeking a job/internship for Summer 2012. I still don’t know what direction I want to go with my photography but at the end of the day, as long as my camera will be before me, I will be happy. I have a strong backing and new found support base that with them by my side, I’ve high expectations for 2012.

My heart was opened twice this year. The days fly by so quickly I almost had forgotten about the first since he has become a brother to me, but the latter, I don’t think I’ve met Anyone in my life that has treated me as kind as you have and opened my eyes in so many ways. After many a song and dance, the truth came out with the starry night above us. Although timing was not in the cards, our paths one day will cross again. It’s rare to meet someone and find instant unexplainable connection, but everything happens for a reason and am grateful for you coming into my life even if it hadn’t worked out as I wanted. You are intelligent, strong and sincere. The world is in your hands and i only hope for great things in your future. You are genuinely one of the kindest individuals I have ever met and you deserve someone that understands how much you have to offer. You made me realize what I deserve and I don’t think you realize how appreciative I am for that. I will see you again one day, where the coyotes howl.

2011 you brought me 21 years of age, a lot of partying, a lot of hazy nights that only photographs can remind me of. A lot of adventures and traveling. Discovering who I am, what I want in life and where I want to be. There’s a world out there I need to explore. I am a traveler not meant to be in any one place. I go where I feel inside I am meant to be at that time of my life. There are big things out there for me and many more lessons. My mind is always racing full of thoughts, reflections and analyzing every little occurrence in my life. One day in November I skipped a day of classes and went to the river walk. I just sat, breathed and watched the reflections in the water for 3 hours.

To myself: Your resolutions for the new year are to take more time to yourself to just breathe. Life goes quickly; never take a minute of it for granted. Be patient with those you love. Time is limited and NOBODY is perfect. Understand that, and when you do, you will be at peace.

As I have my music turned all the way up, i sit here by my self in my room in brooklyn ending out 2010 and bringing in 2011 just how i did last time. It was a long yeafor me with lots of life lessons. I grew up finally this year in certain ways, realizing a lot of how the real world is. I made changes in my schooling to finally better myself. I may not be a millionaire by an means as the years go on, but now finally getting the basis as to what i want to be doing with my life— that is what matters to me. I realized there’s a bigger world out there for me. Im not meant to be where my roots are. Its hard to call it home when I return. The people I left here make that easier, but it’s never the same and honestly I don’t know if it ever will be. I got a taste of the rest of the world and with that I want more. I dont know where i’ll be a yeafrom now, i don’t know where i’ll be 20, 50 years from now. I just want to be in a place where at that moment i’m with the ones i love, in the place i am meant to be, doing what i love and just being happy.

2010 was a year of lessons. I tested the waters, took a huge breathe, closed my eyes, and I leapt. I had no clue, how deep i was jumping but for the first time, i wasnt scared. And you know what, for that moment i was fine. But you taught me something. Do not blind yourself, to what is around you. Be Wise. Be Aware. It is okay to open yourself up, but don’t give away all you have to offer so fast. That is how you drown.

People surprise you in all ways possible. You never know who you will meet day to day, whom will change your life and flip turn it upside down. You never know who can take your hand and pull you in so fast you dont even have a chance to take a breathe & to prepare yourselfor whats in store.  You never know how things are destined to change at the last moment, for better ofor worse. But if you remain grounded in some way, you can stabilize yourself and hopefully regain control.

All in all life comes at you fast and with a blink of an eye you move day to day with new experiences that you underestimate how it can change your life.  But if theres one thing I hold on to, it is to live with no regrets. You make choices, that may not be consciously made, but somewhere inside its what you want to do. You put out all your cards and gamble your options and make youfinal bet.  At the moment it feels right and then you may realize you made a major mistake in the game or the best decision of your life. If you win, take your winnings and run with it. Enjoy. If you’re wrong, do not fret and do not live with regrets, rather learn. Just take it as a lesson in life.

I may not always make the best decisions for my self but i neveregret a single thing. In the brief second i know its what i’ve wanted and in that instant it made me the happiest i could be. id rather live that way then for ever living with the “what if’s.”

I am not one for resolutions. I just hope for 2011 to bring me new opportunities in every way possible in life. I am turning 21 this year and a whole new chapter will be written. All I hope for is to be that much wiser with my decisions and to not forget all that i’ve learned over the past couple of years. Do not let yourself get hurt, do not fall for pretty words, and just be strong through everything that is thrown at you, ESPECIALLY the unexpected.

The unexpected throws hurt the most and I can’t go through that pain again. 

happy new years.